1 The Emergency Committee shall deal with all matters requiring immediate settlement between two meetings of the Executive Committee. The committee shall consist of the FIFA President and one member from each Confederation appointed by the Executive Committee and chosen from among its members for a period of four years. 

2 The President shall convene the Emergency Committee meetings. If a meeting cannot be convened within an appropriate period of time, decisions may be passed through other means of communication. Such decisions shall have immediate legal effect. The President shall notify the Executive Committee immediately of the decisions passed by the Emergency Committee. 

3 All decisions taken by the Emergency Committee shall be ratified by the Executive Committee at its next meeting. 

4 If the President is unable to attend a meeting, the longest serving vice-president available shall deputise. 

5 The President is entitled to designate a deputy for any member who is unable to attend or has a conflict of interests. The deputy shall belong to the Executive Committee and the same Confederation as the member who is unable to attend or has a conflict of interests.

Joseph S BLATTER SUISwitzerland
Issa HAYATOU CMRCameroon
Michel PLATINI FRAFrance
David CHUNG PNGPapua New Guinea
Jeffrey WEBB CAYCayman Islands
Eugenio FIGUEREDO URUUruguay
Shk. Salman Bin Ebrahim AL KHALIFA BHRBahrain